LodgeNet Expanding In-Room Entertainment

  The Entertainment Software Association reports that more than 239 million
computer and video games were sold to American households last year, and
that computer and video games are played by one out of every two Americans
age six and older. LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation , has introduced a
new service that expands the range of in-room entertainment options for
this massive audience and the hoteliers who serve them.
LodgeNet, the world’s largest provider of broadband interactive television
services to the hospitality industry, announced that its TV GameRoom(SM)
service is now available in hotels across the United States. “Because of
the robust, advanced design of our digital platform, hotels installed with
our sigNETure TV(SM) marketing and entertainment system can offer games of
interest to young guests as well as adult travelers,” said Steven D.
Truckenmiller, Senior Vice President Programming & Content Management for

“With TV GameRoom and our Nintendo(R) game service, we have the
flexibility to offer in-room game packages aligned with each hotel’s
specific guest demographics and operational patterns,” Truckenmiller
continued. “For example, hotels without a high concentration of younger
guests can offer games without keeping a dedicated controller in the room.”

TV GameRoom offers guests of all ages a variety of familiar games that are
optimized for television and can be played using the LodgeNet remote
control. Guests pay for a block of time, during which they can play as
many games as they wish. Play time that is not used in the initial session
is saved for the guest to use later in his or her stay. Some of the games
are stored on an on- site digital server while others are offered through
LodgeNet’s TV Internet platform, providing opportunities for future
development of multi-player games and/or chain-specific game-points
accrual and rewards programs. LodgeNet is providing the games under
long-term licensing agreements with http://www.n2digital.tv/ and Zone4Play

LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation ( http://www.lodgenet.com/ ) is the
leading provider in the delivery of broadband, interactive services to the
lodging industry, serving more hotels and guest rooms than any other
provider in the world. These services include on-demand digital movies,
digital music and music videos, Nintendo(R) video games, high-speed
Internet access and other interactive television services designed to
serve the needs of the lodging industry and the traveling public. As the
largest company in the industry, LodgeNet provides service to nearly one
million rooms including more than 957,000 interactive guest pay rooms in
more than 5,800 hotel properties worldwide. More than 260 million
travelers have access to LodgeNet systems on an annual basis. LodgeNet is
listed on NASDAQ and trades under the symbol LNET.

n2digital (n2d), headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a global games-on-
demand entertainment software company. n2digital creates, licenses, and
publishes original games worldwide for the interactive television, mobile,
Internet, and video game systems markets. n2digital’s homepage and online
game site is http://www.n2digital.tv/ . More information about n2digital’s
products, investment & advertising opportunities, and full text of press
releases can be found on the Internet at http://www.n2digital.tv/ .


Zone4Play is a U.S. corporation which designs interactive game software
applications and solutions for the Internet, cellular networks and
interactive television. Its cross-system product line allows access to a
variety of platforms with only one user account. Zone4Play also
specializes in Back Office solutions for these systems and markets a wide
range of hi-tech support products. http://www.zone4play.com/

LodgeNet, sigNETure TV and TV GameRoom are service marks or registered
trademarks of LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation. Other names and brands
may be claimed as the property of others. All rights reserved.