Marriott Endorses Community Efforts at Grosvenor House

Marriott International Lodging has praised the efforts of management and
associates at the Grosvenor House hotel for their commitment and community
spirit, following the hugely successful Mad Hatters Tea Party, held at the
hotel on Sunday 8th February.  The event came just a week after Marriott
took over management at the property.
This annual event, which is organized by the London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for
Underprivileged Children, has been held at the Grosvenor House Hotel for
the past eight years.

The hotel supplies the venue and decorations, plus food and drinks for
650 children aged between five and 12 years.

Commenting on this event, newly appointed General Manager Anthony
Stewart-Moore said:  “This is a fine example of the commitment to local
communities that Marriott is very keen to encourage.  I was very
with the enthusiasm of the hotel team and with the care and effort they
put into it.  It is clearly a very important date in the hotel’s calendar,
and one which I look forward to being closely involved in over the coming

Marriott’s 75-year legacy of supporting the communities where it does
business is called “Spirit To Serve Our Communities.” Attention is given
to issues close to the hearts of employees and their neighbours.  “Spirit To
Serve” is an intensely hands-on philosophy, and donations of time,
facilities and services are equally as important as writing cheques.

The London Taxi drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children has been
thousands of ‘special needs’ children since 1928.  Most famously, the fund
arranges the annual trip to Southend on Sea.


The committee consists of 11 volunteer working London Taxi drivers and in
addition to the annual outings, they organize fundraising events to buy
medical, recreational and communication equipment for families, children’s
homes and hospitals.

The 8th Annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party included entertainment for the
children.  Acts included comedy, music and dance, including a carnival
cheerleaders, a company performing Grease and Fame, a laser show, an
illusionist and 40 costume characters.  The Cheeky Girls and other
celebrities also joined the event.