NEC UK & Travelodge Seal £20m deal

NEC UK has announced a 10-year contract, worth £20 million, to supply and manage a prepay Video on demand, phone and broadband Internet service for Travelodge

Travelodge is the first UK lodge brand to launch this type of service. It uses state-of-the-art IP (Internet Protocol) network technology that allows Travelodge customers to prepay for films, phone calls and broadband Internet access using a swipe card facility available on the hotel phones or on-line payment facility via the TV.


This service is seen by NEC as a natural step in integrating the major components of NEC “core” competencies - Computers and Communications.  Importantly this project sees NEC UK teaming up with Sister company NEC Computers International (Brand Packard Bell), with support being provided by its parent NEC Networks, to deliver a fully scaleable interactive offering, aimed specifically at the Travel and leisure markets, and is to be marketed under the brand of NEC (Travel and Leisure Interactive Applications -TALIA.



Simon Gregory sales and marketing director says: “Travelodge prides itself on offering customers true value for money and offering them everything they need and nothing they don’t. TALIA enables our customers to choose the services they require, without adding additional costs onto their room rate for the things they don’t want. Trials have been very successful and we know this is a service our customers want. We are the first lodge brand to launch this service and it will certainly place us ahead of the competition in offering customers additional value for money.”   


“TALIA uses the very latest network and video-on-demand technology to make a range of entertainment and communication services easily accessible and affordable for customers,” says Jonathan Rigg, Business Manager, NEC UK Business Network Solutions. “The result is a landmark service for the hotel sector and should state NEC’s intention with entry into this market.


This is seen by NEC as a strategic step into the European hospitality market. NEC is already a key player in the international market, with NEC technology currently installed in over one million hotel rooms.