Family Travel Network Experts Reveal 12 Great Secrets ForUncovering Last Minute Vacation Bargains

Spring break is just around the corner, and online travel shoppers are burning the midnight oil seeking last- minute vacation bargains.

To help ease the travel planning crunch, the staff of the Family Travel Network has just released an in-depth feature on its website with expert tips and insider secrets that are sure to save travel dollars.Vacation purchasers will discover how to obtain free second rooms and lift
tickets for their families, save 35% at luxury resorts around the world, locate the hottest travel bargains, and learn the secrets of playing the
travel auction game.

Just a few of these money-saving tips include:

* Seek out new resorts with introductory offers. A number of these are offering rock-bottom prices in warm weather locations.

* Rent from an owner. Vacation homes and condominiums are still available in seemingly “sold out” locations and provide more space than a hotel room—often at 15-30% less cost.

* Check with the source. Many hotel chains now provide best price guarantees along
with special deals and incentives to book directly on their site.

* Dig for savings. Some sites, such as the Family Travel Network’s Hot Deals
area, are treasure troves of deals updated daily. Learn how to uncover
bargains with little or no effort.

* Know what you’re buying. Read unbiased reviews, and know when a bargain is a lemon—or just not right for you.

* Learn to play the game. Harness online tools to snag the best
rates for hotels and airfares, and discover which pitfalls to avoid.

For expanded coverage of these tips and more insider secrets, visit the
Family Travel Network’s website