The Travel Insider Announces `2003 Best Travel Technology Product’ Awards

Readers of The Travel Insider
, a widely-read weekly internet publication
for experienced travelers, have selected noise-reducing head phones,
TSA-approved luggage locks and an international GSM cell phone as the best
travel technology products of 2003.In announcing the annual awards today, publisher David Rowell said, “Our
readers tend to be early adopters of new products which make life on the
road easier or more convenient, and just as quick to reject those which
don’t. There were a lot of remarkably innovative products to consider over
the past year, so their selections truly represent a sophisticated
appreciation of value.”

The 2003 Travel Insider Best Travel Technology Product Awards were based
on votes from over 2,000 of The Travel Insider’s readers, who chose from a
short list of 18 products reviewed in the newsletter during 2003.

The winners:

The Plane Quiet Active Noise Canceling Headphones won the “Best of the
Best” Award. Rowell explained, “These headphones were rated best, both by
reader voting and our editorial panel, outscoring the competing Bose Quiet
Comfort headphones that are priced nearly four times higher. Great
functionality, high quality, and unbeatable value all make this our `Best
of the Best’ winner.” The Plane Quiets also won the “Best Technology
Product” award.

Commenting on his product’s win, David Dillinger, Executive Vice President
of Outside the Box, manufacturer of the Plane Quiet headphones, said, “It
is great to know that product excellence still triumphs over marketing
glitz. Our affordably priced active noise canceling headphones make air
travel less stressful, and are excellent for use with the latest MP3 and
DVD players.”

The “Best Travel Product” award was won by the new SearchAlert luggage
locks. These locks are approved by the TSA to be used by people checking
their bags at airports, because the TSA have master keys to open the bags
if needed. David Rowell observed, “Many people need to secure their bags
so they don’t burst open, or to reduce the danger of pilferage. These new
locks keep the bag secure while allowing the TSA to open them if
necessary, and the special indicator on them shows the traveler if the
lock has been opened by a TSA master key. They are ingenious, inexpensive,
and effective.”


Lyle Elliott, SearchAlert Product Manager for manufacturer CCL Security
Products said, “Our unique and patented indicator tells people,
immediately when they reclaim their luggage, if someone has opened their
bag or not. They can check their bag while still at the airport, and, if
something is missing—or something extra added—they can immediately
resolve the problem.”

The “Best for International Travelers” award was won by Telestial’s
International GSM Phone. This combines a multi-standard phone that works
in 207 countries with an international phone number that works in 86
countries, including all of Europe and most other major countries. Travel
Insider’s Rowell described this as “an essential convenience for anyone
traveling out of the US. No matter where they are, a single phone number
reaches the traveler, affordably and easily.”

Ken Grunski, President of Telestial, said, “Both business and leisure
travelers increasingly feel the need to be conveniently accessible to
friends, family, and colleagues, everywhere in the world. Normal US cell
phones don’t work overseas. Our international phones save people money and