BA collaborate with BT to introduce wireless Internet access in 80 airport lounges

British Airways is to launch wireless internet connections into 80 of its main customer lounges around the world. The airline has agreed to work with British Telecom to install the new technology which will enable to customers to have broadband internet access without having to plug their computer into a modem.The latest wireless technology will be placed by BT around the lounges which means customers can sit where they choose, and still have access to the Internet or their company’s computer systems.

The first phase will involve fitting the new BT Openzone technology in all
British Airways’ lounges at Heathrow and Gatwick by the end of April. It is anticipated that more than 80 of the airline’s main lounges will have the technology by the end of May 2004.

Paul Coby, chief information officer at British Airways, said: “We are delighted to have signed an agreement with BT to have wireless LAN systems installed in more than 80 of our main lounges across the world in the next few months.

“The wireless facilities will give instant internet and email connectivity to the hundreds of thousands of customers who use our lounges every year. We know many of them already want to make best use of their time whether it’s on business or leisure either before or just after a flight.

“Our lounges have always aimed to strike a balance between giving customers enough time, space and comfort to relax as well as making enough computer areas or connection points available to those who want to work by checking their emails or relax by surfing the web.


“The beauty of having wireless technology is that the customer can start up a wireless enabled computer wherever they want to sit rather than having to use a dedicated area to have live Internet access. “