Hilton DisABILITY Champion First to Reach Both Poles

  Hilton UK & Ireland today announce the appointment of Michael McGrath as disABILITY Champion, a role that will aid further understanding of the needs of, and matters affecting, disabled guests throughout the 78 Hilton hotels throughout the UK & Ireland.
Michael, who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and walks with the aid of a stick, recently made history by becoming the first disabled person to visit both ends of the earth when he reached the South Pole on 13th January 2004, having reached the North Pole in 2002.

Michael McGrath said: “Arriving at the South Pole was hugely exhilarating - not just from a personal perspective but also in terms of confronting head-on the challenges presented by my condition. The trip was intended to highlight ability, not disability to celebrate what people can do rather than what they can’t. It is this attitude that I will bring to my role as disABILITY Champion for Hilton UK & Ireland.”

Wolfgang M. Neumann, Area President, Hilton UK & Ireland, said: “Michael McGrath’s achievement in reaching both Poles is remarkable, and we’re excited to have him on board. Hilton believes that disabled guests should have the same experience in our hotels as able-bodied guests wherever possible, and Michael will provide us with invaluable assistance in this area. “