PRTC relaunch ÁQué Pasa! magazine

Last week, José M. Suárez, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company announced the re-launch of ÁQué Pasa!, the official magazine of the Tourism Company. The re-designed magazine features a new and exciting format, including an increased focus on photography to give tourists a visually enticing look at the various regions of Puerto Rico.Suárez also announced that ÁQué Pasa! will now be found online at, where visitors can read the magazine and subscribe to receive the publication at home.

“Puerto Rico is a destination full of spectacular places that leave lasting vacation memories, and photography is a wonderful way to persuade tourists to visit all of the island’s regions. Internet publication will increase the magazine’s reach, allowing for a worldwide audience to experience the destination online,” said Suárez.

The bi-monthly magazine features interesting, first-hand stories - in English and Spanish - about Puerto Rico’s attractions; an easy-to-use guide to accommodations, dining, museums and galleries with details about pricing, location and amenities. The online initiative is a reflection of new trends in the international tourism market that necessitate integrating the Web into marketing strategies, and making information available in both print and electronic formats.

“The Internet has become one of the most widely used information tools for choosing a vacation destination. This is why we have concentrated on making Puerto Rico’s online presence strong,” he said.