Hyatt Taps VeriSign for Managed Security

VeriSign, Inc. , the leading provider of critical infrastructure services
for Internet and telecommunications networks, today announced it has been
awarded a multi-year contract to manage network security devices for Hyatt
International, which sets operating guidelines for 90 hotels globally.
After an extensive evaluation, Hyatt selected VeriSign as its preferred
Managed Security Services (MSS) provider and will use VeriSign
Intelligence and Control Services Control(SM) Services for Network
Security, including Managed Firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN)
capabilities, to enable the efficient and secure flow of information
between its corporate and international sites.
“VeriSign’s expertise in security monitoring and network intelligence
enables large, multi-national corporations such as Hyatt International to
dramatically minimize the risk of malicious security threats and optimize
their existing resources,” said Judy Lin, executive vice president and
general manager, VeriSign Security Services. “VeriSign’s scalable, global
infrastructure provides us with a unique perspective that enables us to
identify network security trends with a precision unrivaled by our
competition. We are pleased to be working with Hyatt International to
facilitate sophisticated management and monitoring technologies that
provide them with around-the-clock vigilance of their international

Hyatt will rely on VeriSign to proactively monitor and manage the
company’s advanced security infrastructure, establishing and maintaining a
secure and trusted network that will protect mission-critical data and
sensitive customer data against rapidly changing security threats. Three
Hyatt International sites, corporate headquarters in Chicago, and hotels
in South America and the Middle East are currently using VeriSign
services, and plans include sites located in Hong Kong, Shanghai,
Singapore and Mexico City to be enabled by the end of 2004.

“The privacy and integrity of our customer data has always been a top
priority for Hyatt, and our decision to implement a security policy that
prohibited locations from possessing a permanent Internet connection was
driven by that priority,” said Mark Retnam, Director of Global
Communications Technology. “After an extensive search process, Hyatt
International selected VeriSign as our MSSP because of their world-class
staff and the unique intelligence they gather from operating critical
infrastructure at the heart of the Internet. We can leverage that
knowledge to help us react appropriately to security threats.”

Hyatt currently provides Internet connectivity to guests in their
international hotel locations. However, due to privacy and security
concerns, official company policy prevented those locations from
possessing a permanent business Internet connection to the back-office
Local Area Network (LAN) and the information contained therein. Upon
implementing VeriSign services, these locations will be allowed a
permanent connection, thus enabling a 24x7 link to applications and
information centrally hosted in Chicago.

The VeriSign Managed Firewall Service will provide Hyatt with expert
management and monitoring of its firewalls, to ensure that the intended
benefits of firewall protection are truly realized. The VeriSign Managed
VPN Service will deliver encrypted site-to-site remote access solutions
for Hyatt’s Internet-based network environments, reducing the cost and
complexity associated with designing, maintaining, and monitoring a
proprietary VPN solution. 


VeriSign, Inc. delivers critical infrastructure services that make the
Internet and telecommunications networks more intelligent, reliable, and
secure. Every day VeriSign helps thousands of businesses and millions of
consumers connect, communicate, and transact with confidence. Additional
news and information about the company is available at 

There are 208 Hyatt hotels and resorts around the world, which are managed
by two separate groups of companies. Subsidiaries of Hyatt International
Corporation operate, manage or franchise 86 hotels and resorts in 38
countries, with an additional 19 hotels under development. Hyatt
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