America West Announces First Rate Fare Program:

  America West Airlines announced today that it is making another
revolutionary change in its pricing structure. Today, the airline is
unveiling a first class fare structure featuring new nonrefundable first
class fares that are up to 70 percent lower than the industry’s
traditional first class fares. With today’s announcement, America West now
offers two new nonrefundable first class fares, one with a 7-day advance
purchase requirement and one with a 0-day advance purchase requirement.
“Two years after we revolutionized the industry by making coach fares
significantly more business-friendly, we’re doing the same for first class
fares,” said Scott Kirby, executive vice president, sales and marketing.
“This is great news for business and leisure travelers who have told us
they’re looking for an airline that can make flying first class
affordable. Most major carriers have a difficult time offering affordable
first class because their cost structures won’t allow them to do so
profitably and most other low-fare carriers can’t offer it because they
simply don’t have first class cabins.”

America West’s first class cabins feature leather seats that are 50
percent larger than coach with adjustable headrests and greater reclining
distance. In addition to premium seating, the airline’s first class
service also offers complimentary food service on many flights,
complimentary beverages including beer, wine and cocktails, complimentary
entertainment, priority check-in, first class security lines (where
available) and early boarding privileges.

Customers who purchase the new first class fares will also enjoy day-of-
departure access to the America West Club and a 50 percent
elite-qualifying FlightFund mileage bonus. FlightFund miles can be used
for award travel to more than 300 destinations on five continents.

Kirby continued, “Our employees know the benefits of our first class
cabins better than anyone, so we’ve teamed up with them to get the word
out. Similar to our Go First upgrade program, which pays $5 every time an
employee sells a day of departure upgrade, every time an employee sells a
Go First fare, they’ll also earn a $5 incentive.”

America West is also offering travel agents an introductory five-percent
uncapped commission for selling these new Go First fares. The commission
is available on all tickets issued through April 30, 2004.


“Our travel agents know our mutual customers very well and can help
identify and sell to those travelers who would prefer to fly first class
and take advantage of these new low fares. The commission is meant to
reward agents for helping us introduce this amazingly affordable product
to our customers,” added Kirby.