Aruba goes Wi-Fi

Aruba now offers wi-fi, or wireless fidelity technology. Wi-fi serves up wireless Internet access much faster than with average dial-up modems, enabling guests to spend less time on their laptops and more time on the beach!  With the intent to make connecting to the Internet as effortless and swift as possible for business and leisure travellers alike, Aruba’s national telecommunications service, SETAR, is offering the state-of-the-art Internet connection at various hotspots on island.  Select hotels, resorts, various restaurants and cafes offer the wireless Internet connection.
Wi-fi, otherwise known as wireless networking, is a new technology to the island giving users wireless access to the Internet at very high speeds, making it a virtual snap to surf the Web with ease. This technology operates with a transmitting antenna, usually linked to a DSL or high-speed land-based Internet connection, using radio waves to beam signals to PCs, laptops, PDAs (Palm pilots) and mobile devices.  To take advantage of this incredible technology all prospective users need is a computing device, like a laptop, that is capable of using a wireless adapter card and a wireless adapter.
Aruba constantly tries to stay ahead of the curve with regards to visitors’ needs,” said Minister of Tourism and Transportation Edison Briesen. “We recognise the importance of offering travellers access to the Internet that is swift and trouble-free enabling both business and leisure travellers to stay connected faster and easier while on island.”