Luxury and Relaxation at the Aquarius Spa, Whatley Manor

Whatley Manor, the exclusive new private Manor House retreat, has introduced a new meaning to the concept of total relaxation and wellbeing.Ê Priding itself on the fact that it sets new standards in luxury, service and style, Whatley Manor’s European style spa - ‘Aquarias’ - is no exception.Ê Aquarias has been created to restore both mind and body whilst delivering relaxation and sensory wellbeing to guests and members alike through scented thermal cabins and baths, a hydrotherapy pool, small gymnasium, treatment rooms, a VIP treatment suite and relaxation areas featuring sensory art.ÊFacilities include one of the largest hydrotherapy pools in the country specially designed for relaxation and leisure rather than swimming and exercise.Ê The 13m x 8m figure eight shaped pool features a whirl tub and body jets for complete body massage, a neck massage fountain, underwater recliner for promoting blood circulation and underwater lounger.Ê One third of the pool runs outside allowing guests to relax on the underwater lounger and enjoy spectacular views of the gardens, woodland and river valley below.Ê The water will be kept at a pleasant 34?c all year round.

Aquarias features a series of thermal scented cabins - an experience in themselves.Ê Guests start with a salt scrub before acclimatising themselves to the gentle warmth of the Tepidarium.Ê They can then move on to the dry heat of the Laconium, the steam of the Caldarium or the Camomile Steam Grotto, which is a real treat for hair and skin.Ê In between, they can enjoy an ‘experience shower’ - a cooling shower infused with mint scent or a tropical rain shower infused with Maracuja scent.Ê For those who prefer more intensive heat there is the Finnish Sauna.

There is also a Serail mud chamber where guests can enjoy a cleansing mud treatment from mineral rich mud, which has taken literally hundreds of years to be formed. Guests requiring an entirely personal experience can reserve the VIP treatment room, with facilities for treatments for two people, including a relaxing ‘Dream Bed’.Ê Aquarias doesn’t have its own beach but it does have the wave dream sensory room, a spellbinding art installation by Swiss water scientist Helmut Eigenmann designed to enable total relaxation and to free the mind of distracting thoughts.Ê

Christian Landolt, owner of Whatley Manor, says ‘Whatley Manor is all about total relaxation, quality, comfort and escape.ÊQuite simply, we wanted to offer the best, international quality spa in the country - and I believe this is what we have created in Aquarius.Ê Whether relaxing in the infinity line pool, or savouring a three hour Swiss Bliss treatment, our guests and members now have the perfect antidote to the stresses and pressures of their every day lives.Ê The perfect retreat has arrived…’



Aquarias features one of La Prairie’s prestigious Five Star Art of Beauty centres, using exclusively La Prairie treatments.ÊThese centres are only found in a selection of handpicked hotels and spas throughout the world. Such is the quality of the facilities at Whatley Manor that it is already one of La Prairie’s seven flagship international properties.


The Art of Beauty is the ultimate expression of La Prairie’s unrivalled expertise and offers a range of treatment products known the world over for their unique blend of luxury and effectiveness.Ê Whatley Manor features two unique signature treatments that have been developed by La Prairie exclusively for Whatley Manor.Ê A natural extension of La Prairie’s global concept of well-being, The Art of Beauty salons are present in many of the world’s most beautiful places.Ê They reflect the long-standing La Prairie principle of the exclusive positioning of its luxurious products and as such are an ideal partner for Whatley Manor.


A variety of massages is an integral part of every treatment regime at The Art of Beauty, drawing on the long-recognized power of touch in administering to human needs.Ê These massages combine elements of French effleurage, Japanese shiatsu and acupressure on relaxation points and concentrate on specific parts of the face and body - the nett result is a feeling of pampered pleasure.


Aquarias membership will be reserved for a limited number in order not to interrupt the privacy and comfort of Whatley Manor’s residential guests.Ê When guests make their reservation for the hotel, rather than pre-booking a specific treatment, they will be asked if they would like to reserve some time with a therapist.Ê If appropriate, a consultant will contact them in advance of their stay to devise a programme of tailored treatments.Ê Alternatively, upon arrival clients can select from a variety of treatments depending on what they feel their needs are at the time.ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ ÊÊ

A one night stay at Whatley Manor costs from £275 per room for a standard room including bed and breakfast and 10% discretionary service charge and VAT, plus use of the spa Aquarias.Ê Spa treatments cost from £49 for a 45 minute treatment.Ê For further information and to book call Whatley Manor on 01666 822888 or visit the website at: