Zeosoft Delivers On Demand Mobile Conferencing

Hotel Guests With the Latest Wireless Collaboration and P2PSoftware Zeosoft(TM) Technology Group, Inc. has announced today that its On Demand Mobile Conferencing (ODMC) software is
being made available to hotel guests at the Best Western, Scottsdale
Airpark Suites. Guests can access ODMC in the lobby or download the
software to their PDA or laptop at no charge. ODMC facilitates the
interaction and sharing of information in real-time between individuals
over a secure network of PDAs, laptops and desktop PCs. With ODMC,
individuals can exchange text messages; share files; engage in live group
discussions through “push to talk” voice conferencing; and create drawings
or diagrams using a shared white board. Whether a guest is in the lobby,
at a restaurant or by the pool; collaboration can take place, anywhere,
anytime around the world.

“Offering ODMC to our guests will add value to our existing wireless
broadband access available throughout our entire hotel,” said Danny Chao,
president of Millennium Hotels dba Best Western, Scottsdale Airpark
Suites. “A large percentage of our guests are business travelers who can
effectively use ODMC to remotely conduct business with their clients,
partners and colleagues. It also gives all of our hotel guests the ability
to use the newest real-time collaboration software during and after their
hotel stay.”

“We are pleased to work with Best Western, Scottsdale Airpark Suites to
provide their guests with the latest conferencing technology that will
give them a faster, easier, and cost-effective way of communicating with
others,” said Mike Huestis, president and CTO of Zeosoft Technology Group,