American Airlines Expands Self-Service Check-In

  American Airlines now offers Westchester County passengers the luxury of
two AA Self-Service Check-In(R) machines. American Airlines travelers from
New York and Connecticut who frequent this airport for its nonstop
commercial services to 10 major cities are now flying through the airport
more quickly than ever. The AA Self- Service Check-In machines are
currently available to passengers without luggage and can check in up to
nine passengers on one itinerary.
“The installation of AA Self-Service Check-In machines in Westchester
County Airport is part of our continued commitment to offer customers more
of what they value—greater timesavings with automated check in at these
machines, often times in less than 90 seconds,” said Maya Leibman,
managing director - Airport Automation at American. “More than 60 percent
of domestic travelers choose to use some form of automated check in when
they travel with us—from Flight Check-In at to AA Self-Service
Check-In machines. As we see this trend increase, we are committed to
further deploying AA Self- Service Check-In machines in more airports in

Today, customers can check in, check bags, change seats and upgrade
flights at more than 700 AA Self-Service Check-In machines and more than
330 Curbside units at more than 90 locations across the country. AA Self-
Service Check-In machines are just one example of how the airline is
providing its customers with choices to enhance their travel experience.
For example, passengers can also check in and print their own boarding
pass at up to 30 hours before their scheduled flight. In fact,
Flight Check-In at continues to hit record highs. American Airlines
also offers Flight Status Notification via voice or text messages so
customers can receive proactive updates on flight times, gate and
departure information.

The wide array of travel options American provides its customers reminds
them that only American offers its customers more: more routes, more
flights, more great service and the industry’s best frequent-flyer program.