CTO announce preferred commission structure

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has announced a preferred-commission structure for Chapter travel agents who use the booking engine on www.doitcaribbean.com. For that reason, the CTO is urgently updating its database of all chapter members.
Beginning March 1, 2004, all travel agents will earn commissions for booking on the newly created www.doitcaribbean.com. booking engine. However, higher commissions will be paid to those agents who are members of a CTO chapter. The plan is also for each chapter to earn a commission in the form of an override each time one of its member agents makes a booking.
In announcing the plan, CTO’s director of marketing for the Americas, Hugh Riley, explained that in order to identify Chapter travel agents on the site and pay the commissions, each chapter agent will be assigned a
CTO number. For that to be possible, CTO must possess an upto-
date listing of all members of all Chapters across North America and the Caribbean. Chapter Presidents (not individual members) are asked to
submit a current database of Chapter members to the CTO