Raises Conversions by 24% has announced a 24% improvement in
visitor-to-buyer conversions after implementing Web site changes from a study
performed by NetConversions, Inc.. Operated by Flairview
Travel, relies heavily on user feedback channels to aid business
decisions including Web site development. This has proved a successful
investment with the company registering year on year growth of up to 500% in
the past five years. has found that its strength in customer research and development
provides an edge over other competitors, particularly in saturated markets
including Europe and North America. Today, users have enormous choice within
the online travel market, to remain successful has invested the
company’s resources in the research. has established its own tools to monitor customers’ online
experiences. has incorporated a customer survey online - this
provides customers a forum to rate and the hotel. Such initiatives
have lead to website modifications (in terms of functionality and appearance), the
inclusion of a customer membership program and the launch of a last minute
In late 2003, Flairview Travel expanded its customer research program and for
the first time employed a third party provider, NetConversions. NetConversions
tracked and researched selected pages to improve the conversion
rates amongst users.
Ms Chloe Lim, Director of Marketing said, “We have been working on the Web site
so intensely, that we believed that it was time to enlist the advice of an
independent source.”
NetConversions tracked over 28,000 visitor sessions and collected micro-statistics
such as mouse clicks, scrolling, and typing behaviours. The NetConversions
research yielded a series of recommendations that were presented to Selected recommendations were introduced to the Web site and
were tested on an additional 8,000 sessions. This research spanned six months
and resulted in a number of design and functionality changes, improving the
overall user friendliness of the Web site.
“The NetConversions within-page data enhances current Web reporting tools to
truly understand what users are experiencing when they reach a Web page. This
data allows Web managers to act upon the information to see improvements in
acquisitions from 24% to as much as 214%,” says Adrian Chiu, Senior Manager
of NetConversions.
In summary, Ms Lim explains, “In all, we were very pleased with NetConversions
results, especially with the 24% improvement. We had ideas of changes to the
site, but the NetConversions data helped us back up our ideas, confirm some
‘hunches’, and provide insight into other areas of opportunities.”