Star Trek: The Experience at Vegas Hilton

The hottest new technology and latest innovation in Las Vegas
entertainment will open at STAR TREK: The Experience(R) At The Las Vegas
Hilton on March 18, 2004. BORG Invasion 4D is a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art attraction that allows visitors to truly become a part of a “Star Trek” adventure by
utilizing their sense of sight, sound and touch. Guests visiting STAR
TREK: The Experience will be able to enjoy two attractions—Klingon
Encounter, the original attraction that debuted in 1998, and the new BORG
Invasion 4D.
“Thrill seekers from around the world will enjoy BORG Invasion 4D as they
become totally immersed in a chilling, 4D attraction,” says Alexander
Weber, Jr., CEO of Paramount Parks. “BORG Invasion 4D will assimilate
guests into a darker and edgier dimension of the ‘Star Trek’ universe.”

To celebrate the opening in true “Star Trek” style, STAR TREK: The
Experience will host “The BORG Ball,” from 12 a.m. until 3 a.m. on March
18. A limited number of grand opening guests will be among the first to be
assimilated into the BORG Collective and the event is expected to draw
fans dressed in full regalia from the furthest corners of the galaxy.
Tickets to the event are available for purchase at $299 by logging onto to download a registration form. The BORG Ball
ticket price includes unlimited access to the attraction for three hours,
dining, drinks, dancing, a commemorative picture and a limited edition
BORG Invasion 4D t-shirt. The attraction will open officially to the
public at 11a.m. on March 18.

BORG Invasion 4D combines live actors and phenomenal special effects to
create an excitingly realistic “Star Trek” experience. The BORG Collective
is an immensely powerful group of cybernetically enhanced beings who gain
knowledge and technology by absorbing other species. As visitors tour a
futuristic research facility, the terrifying drones of the BORG Collective
launch an attack to capture and assimilate guests using 24th century
cybernetic technology. The 3D and 4D effects will merge to create a
chilling realization as the action culminates in a state-of-the-art
theater providing an all-immersive tactile experience for visitors to the

BORG Invasion 4D is an original 3D film starring Robert Picardo (The
Doctor), Alice Krige (BORG Queen) and Kate Mulgrew (Admiral Janeway).
Through the use of various technologies and techniques, participants will
be able to experience the feeling of being “assimilated” into the BORG
Collective. In addition to 23,000 watts of 12 channel sound, each
state-of-the-art theater seat has 10 effect features all choreographed
with the 3D film. For example, probes poke the guest’s backs as the action
peaks, in coordination with timed air blasts, surround sound audio
rumbles, and a motion platform floor, creating the fourth dimension and
amplifying what the guests are experiencing on screen.

Guests can purchase tickets to BORG Invasion 4D and also enjoy Klingon
Encounter, for one combined ticket price. Visitors to STAR TREK: The
Experience can also dine in Quark’s Bar & Restaurant and shop for
intergalactic treasures in the Deep Space Nine Promenade. BORG Invasion 4D
is not recommended for small children. For more information visit or call 1-888-GO-BOLDLY. 


STAR TREK: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton is a $70 million,
65,000-square foot attraction featuring several different components. The
original attraction is a 22-minute entertainment experience complete with
live interaction and a motion base simulator ride. The History of the
Future Museum highlights the “Star Trek” television series and films and
includes actual props, weaponry, spacecraft and various award-winning
masks and costumes used in filming. Deep Space Nine is a promenade
featuring Quark’s Bar & Restaurant and the Promenade shops (housing the
world’s largest collection of “Star Trek” memorabilia and collectibles).
STAR TREK: The Experience is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Paramount Parks is a leading developer and operator of world-class theme
parks and location-based attractions, entertaining more than 13 million
guests annually. The company currently owns and operates five of the most
popular theme parks in North America including: Paramount Canada’s
Wonderland (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); Paramount’s Carowinds (Charlotte,
N.C.); Paramount’s Great America (Santa Clara, Calif.); Paramount’s Kings
Dominion (Richmond, Va.); and Paramount’s Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio).
The company also developed and manages the award-winning STAR TREK: The
Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton (Las Vegas, Nev.) and manages Bonfante
Gardens horticultural theme park (Gilroy, Calif.); CBS Television City at
the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, Nev.); and Terra Mitica theme
park (Benidorm, Valencia, Spain). More information about Paramount Parks
is available at

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