Frontier Win Fifth Consecutive FAA Diamond

Reflecting its commitment to the safety of its passengers, Frontier
Airlines is proud to announce that it is the only airline in America whose
maintenance department has been awarded the Federal Aviation
Administration’s (FAA) Diamond Award for the fifth consecutive year. The
Diamond Award is the highest honor given by the FAA and recognizes
airlines and other maintenance facilities where at least 25 percent of its
aircraft maintenance technicians complete certified training requirements
beyond their initial certification. For the fifth consecutive year,
Frontier far exceeded the standard, surpassing all other airlines with 100
percent participation of its aircraft maintenance technicians, upholding
Frontier’s status as the first and currently only domestic air carrier to
achieve this distinction. Each of the airline’s 381 maintenance and engineering employees
participated in the program this year and 101 received a personal Diamond
Award for completing two days of training on FAA regulations and policy,
58 hours of aviation maintenance training and at least 40 classroom hours
or three semester credits from an accredited college in management,
mathematics, English, science or a related subject, for a total of 100
hours of additional training.

“To earn this award, the maintenance and engineering employees of Frontier
Airlines have invested more than 34,000 hours in maintenance training,”
said FAA National Resource Specialist Bill O’Brien. “That is an impressive
amount of time and investment that Frontier has assigned to training, and
it reflects Frontier’s unflinching dedication to ensuring the safety of
its passengers and the quality of its maintenance and engineering team. We
applaud Frontier’s efforts as a company and we thank Frontier’s team for
their personal dedication to excellence.”

“Once again, our dedicated team of maintenance and engineering
professionals have shown themselves to be leaders in their field,” said
Frontier President Jeff Potter. “Their pride and dedication to their work
and our customers is evident every day and this award is a continuing
tribute to those individuals, the maintenance profession, and to Frontier

FAA and National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) officials will
present Frontier and its maintenance employees with the Diamond Award, as
well as the individual achievement awards at ceremonies today at the
airline’s maintenance hangar facility at Denver International Airport.