Procon Solution to Resell RWA’s Sell-it Suite as Procon Easytour

ProCon Solution A/S has signed an agreement with RWA
to allow the company to act as a reseller of RWA’s industry leading Sell-It Suite family of products. The agreement enables ProCon to provide their current and future customers with a “Tours solution” (EasyTour) based on RWA’s Sell-It Package and Sell-It Reservator products. 
EasyTour integrates with ProCon’s existing Pro:TAS and Pro:TAS Finance products to provide the market with the first fully integrated end to end solution. EasyTour will, together with Pro:TAS and Pro:TAS Finance offer one of the most advanced and complete software packages on the market today. All software is offered on a very attractive model based on a fully hosted standard solution.

ProCon Solution’ Manager Director, Henrik Hansen says, “Since launch in February 2002, ProCon Solution A/S has invested more than 5,000 hours on a new approach to quality testing its definitive version of the Pro:TAS v3.04 software. In the new company we have worked very hard to achieve the quality that our clients expect. Therefore the choice of Sell-It as our “Tour Solution” package is a natural choice as we see Sell-It as the most competitive and best solution to complement our current products.”

Commenting on the agreement, Mark Bradbury, Director of Business Development at RWA stated, “ProCon recognize the power and capabilities of our Sell-It Suite family and the benefits that these products can bring to their customers. I am pleased that we have been able to reach a reseller agreement with ProCon and look forward to working with them to deliver real value to both ProCon and their customers.”