Belize set to host film festival

On March 4 - 11, 2004, belize will open its arms to film buffs from around the world, embracing the creativity and imagination of the movies at the Second Annual Belize International Film Festival.
In celebration of the spirit of multiculturalism in films, the Belize Film
Festival will screen more than 30 different films from 13 participating
countries, each incorporating the theme of fusion or clash of cultures.
Branching out from last year’s debut, the seven-day event will showcase local and regional films and documentaries, as well as contemporary international dramas and comedies at various venues throughout the city. In addition, the festival will host a variety of special events and presentations from invited film schools as well as feature several workshops and seminars by visiting international filmmakers.

The film festival will focus largely on the ever-expanding English Caribbean cinematic movement, concentrating mostly on the achievements and contributions of filmmakers from the Caribbean and Central American regions. It also aims to provide a space for the exhibition and distribution of these films within a regional context while demonstrating the similarities among other World Cinemas such as German filmmaker Caroline Link’s 2002 Academy Award Winner “Nowhere in Africa” which will also be screening at the Belize
International Film Festival in March.

In an effort to accommodate the growing number of digital filmmakers in the region, two new categories - MADE IN BELIZE and CARIBBEAN FILMMAKERS - will be added to this year’s film submissions. A highlight of these regional masterpieces is Andrew Millington’s “Guttaperc,” Barbados’s first feature film.

“Our main goal is to expose locals to the wonders of films made outside the Hollywood mainstream so they can appreciate other cultures through film. We also hope that after watching the films and talking to the filmmakers at the festival, more people will feel inspired and encouraged to start creating their own images,” said Suzette Zayden, Festival Director.

With over 2,500 participants at last year’s film festival, the 2004
expanding event will also serve as an important educational tool for film
buffs, offering several workshops and seminars by visiting international
filmmakers.One such workshop, The Directors Roundtable, will unite
celebrated film directors with novice filmmakers for a riveting session of
instruction and inspiration.The Belize Film International Festival
promotes interaction among individuals in the film industry and is an
incredible networking opportunity for professionals and amateurs alike.


Coordinated by Fer de Lance Productions of Belize City in conjunction with the Belize Film Commissioner, the Belize International Film Festival is a privately funded event. The cost to attend the festival is US$25 or $5 for a single viewing. Those looking for a bargain can purchase Econo-tickets for US$37.50 and receive a pass for fifteen single viewings.