New site explores the wonders of the Coral Reef

Coral Reef Report has been launched to celebrate the power and mystery of the planet’s coral reefs.This is the very first online magazine to explore the beauty of coral reefs through the personal stories, photographs, and art of people who have dedicated their lives to protecting this magical underwater world.
“The more I learned about the daily destruction of the world’s coral reef
systems, the more discouraged I became”, Coral Reef Report creator Donovan Watts explains, “But right in the middle of all of this tragedy is a group of really inspiring people who have a very personal connection with these ecosystems. I found that I learned more about the reef by trying to see it through their eyes and their experiences.”

The Coral Reef Report features articles, personal stories, and audio interviews with notables such as Pulitzer Prize nominee, Osha Gray Davidson, Pew Fellow Dr. Rod Fujita, and Marine Scientist and Explorer-In-Residence for the National Geographic Society, Dr. Sylvia Earle.The site also features a rotating photo gallery currently featuring award winning photographer Linda Cline. In celebration of the first issue, jazz musician Ottmar Liebert has generously donated an electric guitar as the grand prize for the Coral Reef Buddy raffle.The proceeds from the raffle will help fund a ranger training program at Bonaire National Marine Park in the southern Carribean.