Global Business Pass Launches

A new travel programme, the Global Business Pass, has been launched, giving European companies - big or small - discounts of as much as 50 percent on business class air travel. This significant reduction in travel costs is fixed for a full five years.  The Pass also provides great value at top international hotels.

The Global Business Pass utilises the worldwide resources and outstanding service of Delta Air Lines - the number one US transatlantic carrier - and Marriott with over 2,600 hotels in 65 countries.

The Global Business Pass, which is available in limited numbers in the UK, provides companies with complete control and flexibility through a simple and reliable online booking system which allows changes and cancellations without penalty. Any nominated corporate employee can travel from most major business centres in Europe in any class of service on Delta’s transatlantic network and then within North America, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Companies have widely differing air travel requirements so the Global Business Pass air programme is sold in a standard package called an Air Unit. This gives flexibility for smaller companies to buy just one Air Unit while allowing larger corporations to opt for many more. Each Air Unit has a 5-year allowance of air travel points which can be used by any designated traveller to buy tickets and the special Global Business Pass Air Tariff. A similar system works with the Hotel Unit.



Any combination of Air and Hotel Units can be bought provided that the overall purchase totals at least US$55,000. Hotel Units are priced at US$5,000.


No other programme like this exists in the UK and Europe. A few companies in the U.S. offer similar products but these are currently marketed only to customers in the United States. More significantly, they do not offer a money back guarantee which the Pass does.


The Global Business Pass -with its everyday discounted business fares and five-year price assurance - will be especially attractive to those smaller and medium-size companies that could not otherwise negotiate such a low-priced deal. For the larger company, it will be a highly attractive, cost-effective addition to their existing business travel portfolio.


In the future, this transatlantic edition of the Pass will be expanded to include a series of regional programmes which will form a global series with purchasers opting for those versions that match their travel needs.