Travelink Cuts Capital Spend for Customers

today launched a ‘capital free’ business model for its British customers.  The initiative, announced at the Travel Technology Show,  means that tour operators can pay for the Travelink system on a ‘per passenger’ basis instead of through one-off licence payments.
Travelink is also offering outsourced hardware as part of the deal, enabling any tour operator with a good Internet connection to use the system. 

“Until now, in order to use Travelink you needed to have the capital for the licence fee and the equipment on which to run the system,” said David Jones, Travelink’s managing director.  “We’ve ditched all that and made it more accessible than ever before.”

Jones said the Pay Per Passenger model would appeal particularly to start-up tour operators, those with narrow margins, companies experiencing strong growth, and companies that don’t want to be burdened with managing their own hardware.

” It reduces the strain on cash-flow imposed by hefty one-off payments, and it means that operators are paying only for technology that generates guaranteed income,” he said.


Under the Pay Per Passenger model, tour operators will pay between £1 and £3 for every booking in Travelink, depending on the software and features they use. 

Travelink licence fees are still available as a payment option for operators who want a fixed booking system bill.