Holistic Hands at Apotheke’s Jurlique Day Spa & Sanctuary

At last, the dawning of the age of a new kind of Day Spa!  Apotheke’s Jurlique Day Spa & Sanctuary is an ‘oasis of tranquillity’ aimed at those seeking something more than merely outer perfection.  A haven where both male and female clients can feel completely at ease; treated as the very special individuals they are, by caring and very holistic therapists. A peaceful retreat whose air is filled with the fragrance of sweet smelling aromatherapy oils, & whose soothing atmosphere and effective therapies help obliterate life’s worries for a while.  Think TLC for face, body, mind & spirit rather than instant ‘fix’. Care & attention, not intimidation. Supreme comfort rather than excessive opulence.  Emphasis on the individual, rather than a ‘conveyor belt’ mentality.  Pampering, relaxing, revitalising & restorative therapy for the whole being - rather than treatments aimed merely at superficial appearance.  Fragrant, caring products made from gentle, natural ingredients like organic herbs & essential oils, rather than harsh and irritating chemicals.

And there you have Apotheke’s Jurlique Day Spa & Sanctuary.  It offers ultra pampering ‘hands on’ massage, facial & body treatments, manicures and pedicures to nurture, relax and revitalise.  These include hydrotherapy, the unique Hydromassage Sunbath (a special combination of warm, Dead Sea mineral bath, massage and sun therapy - excellent for everyone and especially those who suffer from skin problems or arthritis) and the Sea Serenity Experience (floatation in a spacious pool filled with warm water rich in Dead Sea mineral salts - probably the ultimate in relaxation therapy). 

In keeping with Apotheke’s holistic approach, the Jurlique trained therapists have qualifications not only in various forms of massage, but also in other therapies such as aromatherapy, reflexology, nutrition and homoeopathy.  Their very holistic approach to facials, massage and hydrotherapy and their use of natural and organic products made by Jurlique, the Purest Skin Care on Earth, provides a new dimension in pampering care and attention.

In addition, clients seeking in depth help for health and skin care problems, are also able to consult Apotheke’s professional naturopaths for health screening, advice and treatment.  The Naturopaths are qualified in natural medicine, naturopathy, homoeopathy, iridology, herbal medicine, nutrition, remedial massage, Flower and Bush Essences and Celloid Mineral Therapy.  In fact many of the special treatment packages on offer at the Day Spa include consultation with a naturopath to enhance their effectiveness.