Curacao kicks off with Carnival

Holiday makers looking to escape the winter blues and enjoy some warm Caribbean sunshine while experiencing a uniquely rich and vibrant culture, need look no further than Curacao this Carnival season. Carnival’s eight-week whirlwind of festivities has begun and travelers who visit will be treated to some of the most lively and flamboyant celebrations in the Caribbean.Curacao’s Carnival season is packed with exhilarating sights and sounds. Party goers won’t want to miss the parades, floats, Tumba music, street dances, sparkling lights and culinary delights that will flood the streets of Willemstad, January 10 through February 24, 2004.Carnival 2004 highlights include:

* Carnival Jump -Ups, weekend street dances and parties (Jan. 10 - Feb. 24)

* Tumba Festival, where the island’s finest musicians compete to have their song played as the annual Carnival Road March Song (Feb. 2 - 6)

* Carnival Parade at Banda Bou, a full day of revelry in the streets (Feb. 21)

* Midnight Ban Top (Otrabanda); Midnight Festival Kaya Grandi (Punda), the streets close for lively bands, dancing and vendors selling local fare (Feb. 21)


* Grand Carnival Parade, considered the “tour de force” of the season with non-stop street parties all day long (Feb. 22)