Results of Study Inspires Launch of New Leisure Website

The Hilton Family Leisure Time Advocacy Study has revealed that most people feel pressured by a world where work dictates the pace and the quality of their lives, and where there is never enough free time. To raise awareness of America’s fleeting leisure time, the Hilton Family of Hotels has created the Leisure Time Advocacy (LTA) initiative. Supported by a board of 12 academics, sociologists, medical professionals, authors, and leisure experts, LTA is addressing the serious issue of leisure time deficiency head-on and providing new solutions for bringing balance back into our lives.

The insight learned from both the new Hilton Family of Hotels study and the LTA board has inspired the launch of a leisure-time advocacy initiative and a new leisure Web site—, which went live this week.

“With a healthier balance between work and play, people are actually more productive while on the job, which enables them to put in more quality work time in less hours, leaving more time for leisure,” said Tom Keltner, president, brand performance and franchise development group for Hilton Hotels Corporation. “We are working closely with our expert Leisure Time Advocacy Board members to advocate leisure time in general as an antidote to stress, offer helpful time-usage tips, and provide a plethora of leisure-time and leisure-travel solutions, whether it’s a five-minute mental break or a five-day vacation break.”

The LTA study revealed that about a third of those polled (32 percent) say they postpone fun because they feel guilty when they are not doing something they believe is productive. Yet seven out of 10 say they simply need more fun in their lives.

“Sometimes it’s a unique event over a weekend or a longer, exotic getaway that jars consumers out of their worker-bee habits, which is just the solution being offered by the Hilton Family of Hotels through its newly launched leisure site, chock-full of easily accessed leisure events and activities within the U.S. and Canada,” Keltner continued. “While the Hilton Family of Hotels attracts more than its fair share of the existing leisure travel market, we know that there is tremendous potential for stimulating even more leisure travel particularly during the more traditional periods of weekends, holidays and summer.”