Travelocity Business Offers Integrated Rail Booking Options Online

Travelocity Business
has announced that it is the first online agency to let companies’ travelers book Amtrak rail trips online, along with all other air, car and hotel options. The comprehensive online options from Travelocity Business are a key aspect of its full-service travel solution for corporations, and put more power in travelers’ hands, while helping to reduce company travel costs.

“Corporate travelers are looking for greater control of their travel experience, starting with their reservations. Adding rail bookings to all of our other options online gives travelers one more way to enhance their travel. At the same time, we are offering high levels of phone service to travelers who still want to leverage our agents’ travel expertise,” said Ellen Keszler, president of Travelocity Business.

Travelers at companies who use Travelocity Business can now enter their company’s private online site to view all of the possible options for a trip, and decide which mode of transportation is most convenient and/or cost effective. Companies can use powerful controls in Travelocity Business to show special corporate negotiated pricing, and tell travelers which options are policy compliant.

The rail options are particularly valuable to companies that have travelers in areas such as the Northeast U.S., where commuter rail travel often presents a more cost-effective and convenient alternative to flying.