Bombardier Signs Agreement with Business Travel International

Business Travel International
(BTI) Canada, in conjunction with parent-company, Business Travel International (BTI), announced it has signed a new partnership with Bombardier Inc.  This agreement is part of Bombardier’s cost efficiency effort.

Under the terms of the agreement BTI will provide Bombardier with a strategic global travel management program that meets the company’s business goals, while guaranteeing superior travel service and support to its employees worldwide.

“By selecting BTI to manage their corporate travel needs, Bombardier is able to benefit from BTI’s substantial global capabilities,” Michael Richardson, President and CEO of BTI Canada said. “Bombardier was using different travel agencies worldwide to handle their travel management needs. BTI facilitated the global consolidation of Bombardier’s corporate travel management services by setting up one North American call center and several European centers allowing for focus, customized service and cost containment.”

With travel being among a corporation’s largest controllable expense, the choices companies make when deciding on an effective corporate travel management strategy have become a crucial component in reducing overall company spend. BTI’s innovative and customizable travel management services and solutions are designed to leverage purchasing power to deliver exceptional cost control. By taking advantage of BTI’s corporate travel management technologies and services, Bombardier stands to see significant, immediate cost savings.

“More and more leading companies are utilizing BTI’s unique global capabilities and efficiency-driving products and solutions,” Richardson said. “With our unmatched industry experience, innovative processes and competitive transaction costs, we will ensure the highest quality of service and savings in fulfilling the corporate travel needs of our new global partner Bombardier.”