Lorraine ?“rtiz gets the recognition she deserves at Marketplace

Press delegates who regularly attend the annual Caribbean Hotel Association’s (CHA) Marketplace, awarded a well-deserved recognition to Lorraine ?“rtiz-Valcárcel, Director of Communications at CHA, for her invaluable work and attention to detail over the last seven years. The award, given to her during the 24th edition of the most important marketing event in the tourism calendar for the region, came as a complete surprise to her.Journalists asked permission of Alec Sanguinetti, Director and CEO of CHA, who was very enthusiastic with the initiative. In front of local and international members of the press and the CHA’s leading team, and on behalf of all their fellow journalists, Janet Silvera from The Gleaner newspaper in Jamaica and Norma Anaya from the El Financiero in Mexico, expressed a few words to the very surprised Director of Communications. Simón Suárez, current President of the CHA, warmly supported their speech. 
“It is very difficult to manage to satisfy the needs of journalists from the English, French, Spanish and Dutch-speaking Caribbean, as well as Caribbean specialising journalists from all over the world. It is not only a matter of great professionalism and having the information handy when we need it, but also of a gift for people and a very open-minded attitude”, said one of the journalists. Another added: “No one else could do this job better than Lorraine”. Caribbean Travel News would like to give a warm hand to Lorraine and wish her even further success in the years come. Well done Miss ?“rtiz-Valcárcel!