Facial Recognition Technology Tested on Carnival Miracle

Carnival has rolled out a new all-digital
photo platform featuring the latest professional digital cameras from
Olympus, the E-1 - the first such cameras to be used on a cruise ship - along with the cruise industry’s fastest digital photo labs developed
specifically for Carnival by KonicaMinolta Photo Imaging USA Inc., a
photo imaging services provider.
The line has also scheduled a beta-test of a new photo-retrieval kiosk
featuring innovative “facial recognition technology” that matches a
likeness with stored “Fun Ship” vacation photos and displays images on a computer screen for review.  These various new technologies are creating a
faster, more user-efficient and environmentally friendly photo operation
aboard Carnival’s fleet of 20 “Fun Ships.”
The multi-million-dollar digital photography conversion is already
in place on six of the line’s vessels with fleetwide implementation
before the end of the year.  Beta-testing of the photo-retrieval kiosk -
first of its kind in the cruise industry - will begin this spring aboard
new 2,124-passenger Carnival Miracle.
According to Carnival’s Vice President - Photo/Video Bob Woodry, the new
all-digital platform is far superior to the previous print system,
higher quality photos in a more convenient and timely manner.  With the
new digital system, Carnival guests can also customize their photos with
colorful borders, backgrounds and other features.
“With our new ‘cutting edge’ cameras and custom-designed photo processing
labs, guests sailing aboard the ‘Fun Ships’ enjoy the fastest, most
efficient photo services at sea,” Woodry said. He added that the
to the digital platform also has environmental benefits, as the use of
photo-finishing chemicals will be greatly reduced and film will no longer
Taking advantage of advancements in “facial recognition software,”
is the first cruise line to explore a shipboard application for this
innovative technology, which is being developed by San Diego-based
Systems, Inc. (IW), a leading provider of digital imaging, biometric and
secure credential solutions.
With the new system, guests sailing aboard Carnival Miracle will visit a
stand-alone kiosk, which captures an image of his or her face. The image
is compared to faces of all photos taken by the ship’s photographers during
that voyage.
Once the search is complete, all photos featuring that guest, including
individual and group shots, will appear on a touch-screen computer monitor for review. Selected images are then printed on photo paper using high quality KonicaMinolta digital printers.
“While ‘facial recognition technology’ has been employed in other
industries, this is the first time it is being beta-tested on a cruise
and we are very excited about its groundbreaking potential in our photo
operations,” Woodry said.