New Spa Opening at Aghadoe Heights

By Charlotte Sears
Aghadoe Heights boasts 57 bedrooms with breathtaking views of The Lakes of Killarney. Set in the picturesque region of Co Kerry in Ireland. With the opening of the Spa, the hotel is expanding and accumulating a further 24 junior suites and a two bedroom pent house.
Pat and Maire Chawke, the general managers of the hotel, are pleased to announce that the chosen name of the Resort Spa is ‘Wetstone’. A powerful name… to describe its powerful surroundings. Both its name and its stunning views are two major aspects that won’t be forgotten once visited. The name is hypothetically bringing the natural beauty of the outside, in.

The Syntax Group are delighted to be involved in a project like this. The company are accountable for the designs of many of the world’s finest Spas’ around the world, as they design the building not for those who run them but for those who use them.

The Resort Spa will put forward a wide variety of specialist things such as water, steam, thermal, and face and body treatments for men and women alike. The Spa will deal with both the physical requirements and the healing of our minds, the décor of the Resort Spa will aid the staff to reach these aims. All therapists will be highly trained not just as beauty therapists but in exclusive Spa treatments to satisfy the requirements of the clients….