TravelCLICK’s RateVIEW adopted by Interstate

Ray Cohen, president and co-CEO of TravelCLICK, has announced that Interstate Hotels & Resorts has endorsed
TravelCLICK’s RateVIEW report to its 300 managed properties in the U.S.,
Canada,  Portugal and Russia. Interstate Hotels & Resorts is the nation’s
largest independent hotel management company.

RateVIEW is the preferred reporting service by hoteliers who use
up-to-the-minute, rather than cached, rate information for their revenue
management and pricing decisions.  RateVIEW enables the best possible
revenue management decisions and keeps hotels up to date on property and
competitive activity.

It is the only report that allows hotels to separately identify retail from
merchant (wholesale) rates on various travel Web sites. The report is
accessible on-demand through TravelCLICK’s client extranet, the Electronic
Marketing Centre (EMC), a secure, personalized, password-protected site.

“RateVIEW offers hotels real-time information that is always just minutes
old,” said Richard W. Gray, chairman and co-CEO of TravelCLICK.  “This
capability is fundamental to maximizing net revenue from both the Internet
and the GDS electronic channels in today’s competitive marketplace. We are
pleased that an independent hotel management company with the
accomplishments of Interstate has adopted RateVIEW as part of its key
revenue management strategy.”

“To achieve top performance and brand consistency, our hotels need real-time
information. RateVIEW is superior in its accuracy, timeliness and
presentation of data.  It was a natural decision for all of our properties
to adopt the report,” said Pam Streeter, vice president of electronic
distribution/marketing, Interstate Hotels & Resorts.


This year, RateVIEW will be upgraded to include scheduled reporting, along
with a feature that allows users to identify “fences” associated with the
rate (i.e., advance purchase restrictions, cancellation/change penalties,