Travelocity Business Negotiates Additional Hotel Savings

Travelocity Business
(SM) finalized an agreement with worldwide hotel provider Pegasus Solutions
and its Utell representation service to offer its customers access to discounted rates at more than 4,300 Utell member hotels around the globe, ranging from economy to deluxe accommodations. These hotel deals for properties represented by Utell offer additional savings on top of the already reduced corporate rates Travelocity Business negotiates with Pegasus and other hotel chains and properties for companies. These hotel deals further complement the supplier deals that companies may negotiate on their own.

Travelocity Business customers receive extra savings of up to 20 percent off regular published rates on Utell properties. These discounts represent one more way Travelocity Business helps its customers save on business travel. With these reduced hotel costs and additional deals created by Travelocity Business, companies can realize an average savings of more than $100 per trip or over 20 percent per trip, including airfare savings averaging 26 percent per ticket and service fee savings of up to 84 percent.

A full-service corporate travel solution, Travelocity Business provides more choices to travelers, while helping companies reduce travel costs. Travelocity Business offers companies flexible and efficient services different from traditional travel agencies through dedication to superior online capabilities and customer service agents available in 60 seconds guaranteed, 24/7, all for much lower service fees. It also delivers savings through flight deals and discounts, and discounts at hotel properties, including those represented by Utell.

“By working closely with hoteliers and other travel suppliers, Travelocity Business meets companies’ diverse and changing needs,” said Ellen Keszler, president of Travelocity Business. “Through our relationship with Pegasus and its Utell members, customers will have access to an enormous portfolio of independent properties, as well as significant discounts off of regular corporate rates that many companies don’t have the volume to obtain on their own.”

Because of its large property base, the Utell portfolio is a natural choice for Travelocity Business’ corporate negotiated rate program. With approximately 1,000 hotels throughout the Americas and more than 3,000 overseas, Utell member hotels offer Travelocity Business customers more hotel options than ever before for their travels. Utell member hotels are promoted by Pegasus Solutions, a leading global provider of hotel reservations-related services and technology.


“We worked with Travelocity on its leisure offering and learned very quickly that it is a supplier-friendly company in the truest sense of the word,” said Bob Boles, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Pegasus Solutions. “By reaching out to corporate travelers via Travelocity Business, we expect that relationship not only to continue, but also to grow and prosper.”

Through the Pegasus relationship, Travelocity Business customers will be offered special rates at hotels, such as: