The Adventure in Travel Expo opens to much appluase

The Adventures in travel Expo opened on an all-time high this Saturday in New York City. With an estimated turn-out of roughly twenty thousand people, the show is highlighting the increased interest in Adventure Travel holidays.

Fear Factor, a much watched American reality show in which contestants carry out extreme activities such as drinking the fluid contained in cow’s eyeballs - is hosting live auditions at the expo. This will assist audience figures to the show, currently in its first year. It also proves the importance of the show, being hosted at the Jacob K Javits Center, Jan 10-11.All across the legendary city ‘that never sleeps’, the voice of key organiser Daniel Burge can be heard on local radio explaining the importance of the show. ‘The show is really something else’ said Daniel - ‘everyone is here and you can truly find exactly the vacation that you are looking for’.The test will come tomorrow when the American press give there views on the actually success of the exposition.Exhibitors came from across the globe including Peru, Thailand and Sri Lanka.One exhibitor commented, ‘the show is great - there is such a wide variety of exhibitors here and the diversity is really something, it has been a little slow today (talking of the trade day, 9 Jan), but we understand the volume will increase during public opening’ she continued, ‘seeing as the show is in its first year the quality on display is knock-out.‘Some of the more extravagant displays were a dive tank and large inflatable cruise-ship.