Air: A New Dimension

Learn to breathe healthily: Airnergy+ - Natural Power from Air.

Air is your friend, but it’s probably not doing as much for your health and well-being as you might think.  The air we breathe is our most important form of nourishment and the best medicine. It is the number one energy provider - something we’re often not aware of. Conventional wisdom holds that a person can last about three weeks without food and about three days without water, but only about three minutes without air.  More than 90 percent of our energy comes from the air we breathe, but we use only one-quarter of the air we breathe in; exhaling the remaining three-quarters again unused.

The potentially usable remainder is generally inefficiently absorbed by the body - especially where stress, illness and nutritional deficiencies are involved, but also due to the normal ageing process. Increasing environmental pollution contributes to the problem.

Now there’s a way you can make more efficient use of the oxygen you breathe.  A device, which optimises the oxygen utilisation, can be used to increase physical ability.  Independent research studies show that better oxygen utilisation improves cell functions by increasing the cell energy; even short term exposure produces beneficial changes. 

The Airnergy+ device is easy-to-use, highly durable and extremely economical with almost no running costs and a major advance for medical science at the same time. This technology is a real breakthrough for the health of the human organism. Airnergy+ takes only the oxygen already available in the air - with no supplementary oxygen added - and activates it for improved absorption in the body. The result: higher energy and productivity levels - in short, a new lease of life. The immune system and heart are strengthened, the metabolism works at an optimal rate and cells are protected against free radicals - the main cause of disorders and the ageing process.  As a result, your breathing also improves, which is advantageous in itself.  There is a better supply of blood to your skin which tightens it and reduces wrinkles.


So how does it work? The principle is simple and found in nature. In an activation chamber the oxygen of the air has been activated to singlet oxygen through a process called photosensitization using light, oxygen and a suitable photo sensitizer. The same process occurs when the sun shines on the leaves of plants and trees (chlorophyll is a photo sensitizer) and singlet oxygen (which has a distinctly higher level of energy compared to oxygen in the ground state) is formed on the surface of the leaves.

When singlet oxygen returns back to the ground state, the extra energy is released. This energy has so far been impossible to measure, but has powerful informative properties in respect to biological systems. We could possibly compare this energy to what we find in every cubic foot of air in our environment. There is information and consequently also enough energy to allow us to receive millions of mobile telephone calls, radio and TV programs, if we have the correct receiver in that cubic foot of air. In living organisms we have the right type of receivers for this special singlet energy and it seems that this energy is able to regulate disorders.

One of the striking effects is that of the treatment of waste water contaminated with bacteria e.g. E-Coli. After only 5 minutes of treatment with activated light a dramatic decrease from 3500 to 270 bacteria’s per 100 m was recorded.

This is not to be considered as a way of treating waste water, but to show the effect of the singlet energy on living organisms. There is no reason to believe that this energy could destroy all the good bacteria we have in living organisms. The energy regulates and restores the balance between what is good and bad in the body. We always need some oxidative capacity (oxygen free radicals) in our immune system. But in most humans there is a heavy surplus.

Case histories

Dr. Renate Mreschar, science journalist: “I’ve observed a very definite, sustained change in my complexion; my skin has become smoother, tighter and firmer - and especially the little wrinkles around the neck that you tend to get at my age have become less pronounced. Basically, I like everything better the way it is now.” 

Mr. Hermann-Josef Wurth is 72 years old and suffers
from macular degeneration, a disease of the retina which
had left him with only ten percent vision in both eyes. Mr.
Wurth could barely see at all by the time an
ophthalmologist began treating him with Airnergy:

“After ten treatments the first test was done and it
showed an improvement of almost 40 percent in the
left eye. But vision in the right eye remained at about
10 percent. Since December of last year I’ve had the
machine myself. And since then I use it at least four
times a week. My vision has continued to improve,
especially the left eye, which is now at almost 60
percent. And when we did the last test at the end of
May/beginning of June, we found for the first time that vision in the right eye as well had improved from
ten to about 15 percent.”

Airnergy not only gets good marks in medical treatment, but in the world of sport as well. German Cyclist
Bernd Schmelz,41 is a case in point. Since using Airnergy+ this runner-up world champion
can train harder, regenerates faster and doesn’t get ill, despite his demanding training program:

“My resting pulse rate used to be around 52, 54 - after a very short time I now have a resting pulse rate of
about 42. You regenerate very quickly when you use this machine, and you can ride the same heavy
program the next day. The training intervals, the intensity of the training can also be significantly

A poorly performing horse at the Askin race course in Norway was treated with Airnergy+ after the device was part of her owner’s successful cancer treatment.  After 20 minutes exposure to it each day for four weeks, the horse beat the track record.

After impressive results reported by numerous patients, the first scientific study of healthy people tested
under laboratory conditions was conducted. The Knop Institute for Medical Bionics studied the effects
of the Airnergy+ technology on 15 test persons. Statistics were gathered on pulse rate, blood oxygen
level, heart beat variability and the basal metabolic rate.

The study proved: after just one treatment with Airnergy+, the test subjects enjoyed a markedly improved
level of energy production. Clear scientific proof of the direct effect of Airnergy+ on the entire organism.

Dr.h.c. Ulrich Knop Ph.D. “When we checked the rates following the inhalation session, the metabolism was lower in all the test persons. In other words, the metabolic system operates more smoothly and consistently, so it’s subject to less wear and tear. That can only be explained by the fact that Airnergy+ actually enables us to energise, to purify oxygen in such a way that it becomes accessible to the organism, so that it has no trouble getting where we need it to go - namely to the respiratory system of the cell.

The study shows: Airnergy+ has a thoroughly positive effect on our entire nervous system and optimises
all of the body’s organic processes.

“Naturally, the conclusions that we can now draw from these results are fascinating for us. On the basis of the increased heartbeat variability - which in turn improves the regulatory ability of the autonomic nervous system - all of the body’s processes - regulation, elimination and so forth - function better. Consequently, the ageing processes within the individual organ systems are of course also less acute - simply put: we have more energy. We are able to react better and more quickly to stress, so we’re also less run-down.”

The study proves it: Airnergy+ is a fountain of youth. The test subjects show an average improvement in
heartbeat variability of over 30 percent - a tremendous statistic.  An elixir of life for people of any age,
from five to 45 or even 85 - the results with every single test person, whether 15 or 45, prove the
individual effectiveness of Airnergy+.

Oxygen is life. Breathe new life into yourself. Your body, your mind and your soul will thank you for it. 

There are a range of Airnergy+ devices available which are currently being used extensively by health professionals, health spas and individuals at home.