Wayport to Provide USA Today Electronic Edition for Travellers

has announced that it will offer USA TODAY in digital format for free for three consecutive days to travelers who connect at Wayport-enabled partner locations nationwide, through an agreement with USA TODAY and NewsStand, Inc. In addition, trial customers who purchase a subscription to the USA TODAY Electronic Edition will receive a free $25 Wayport prepaid connection card.
In a recent Wayport customer survey (with more than 25,000 respondents) concerning which digital publications (including newspapers, consumer magazines and business magazines) they would like to see available through Wayport’s service, respondents’ overwhelming first choice was USA TODAY, highlighting the widespread popularity of the newspaper, especially among business travelers. Wayport, USA TODAY and NewsStand will now give these customers a trial by offering the USA TODAY Electronic Edition for three consecutive days at participating Wayport’s partner hotel, airport and McDonald’s locations nationwide. For example, customers who connect to Wayport’s high-speed Internet service on a Wednesday and quickly download the NewsStand reader and USA TODAY Electronic Edition will also be able to receive the USA TODAY Electronic Edition for free on that Thursday and Friday when they connect to the Internet no matter where their travels take them on the road or even at home.

“Our customers see tremendous value in receiving relevant content to enhance and keep up with their busy, on-the-go lifestyles,” said Dan Lowden, vice president of marketing for Wayport. “Our venue partners leverage Wayport’s high-speed Internet service as a competitive advantage, and now the addition of the USA TODAY digital version as part of the everyday experience further puts them on the leading edge, providing the experience their customers want.”

Wayport customers who download the USA TODAY Electronic Edition will receive an exact digital replica of the newspaper sold at stores and stands nationwide - including every article, photograph and advertisement - for three straight days, all for free. The USA TODAY Electronic Edition can be read offline whenever convenient, and readers can search for keywords on any subject throughout a single newspaper and across multiple issues, can zoom in on articles or photos that are automatically re-sized for easy viewing, and can move through pages and headlines easily. If trial users wish to obtain regular access to the USA TODAY Electronic Edition, they can subscribe for 26 or 52 week terms and receive a $25 Wayport prepaid connection card.

“Business travelers are among USA TODAY’s most loyal readers and have come to rely on the newspaper’s reliable nationwide news delivery throughout the week,” said Jeff Webber, senior vice president and publisher of USATODAY.com. “Now, through Wayport and NewsStand, these readers will have the opportunity to access the day’s news in an easy to view and familiar format that is well-suited to their needs of portability and convenience.”

NewsStand, the leading international digital distributor for newspapers and other print media, provides processing, delivery, e-commerce and marketing support for USA TODAY and more than 80 other publications worldwide. Wayport and NewsStand plan to reach Wayport’s extensive customer base with the Electronic Edition of USA TODAY through Wayport’s Wi-Fi and wired network, which to date has recorded nearly 4 million customer connections.


“Offering digital editions of the nation’s top-selling newspaper is a benefit to Wayport’s customers and partners and a great way to introduce millions of travelers to the convenience of NewsStand’s digital delivery solution,” said Kit Webster, president and chief executive officer of NewsStand, Inc. “Through our partnership, NewsStand and Wayport are once again increasing consumers’ ability to decide how and when they receive their news.”