BTI Canada Named one of the Country’s Best Employers

BTI Canada
is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine. This is the corporate travel management company’s debut appearance on the list.
“At BTI Canada we encourage people to learn and grow, to realize their full potential and make valuable contributions,” said Michael Richardson, President and CEO of BTI Canada. “We understand that our business is only as strong as our people and we are committed to providing a stimulating and rewarding work environment where every employee is recognized and rewarded for their achievements.”

The fifth annual list of the 50 Best Employers study was conducted by Hewitt Associates. This year, it analyzed data from more than 64,000 employees and 1,200 leaders at 129 organizations nationwide. The Best Employers in Canada study is unique in that it is the only national study that is based primarily on the opinions of employees within the participating organizations.

“Establishing common values is the key to building a culture that brings out the best in all of our employees,” Richardson said. “These values are the cornerstone of how we do business. Our employees are always ready to go above and beyond to help achieve business goals. They understand their contribution, feel valued, are prepared to excel in the marketplace and to help our customers win in theirs.”

BTI Canada recognizes leadership as one of the company’s core values and encourages an open forum where employees can provide their feedback to the leadership team. In fact, to ensure the leadership team is aligned with each other and with their employees, each year BTI Canada conducts an in-depth Employee Survey. This information enables BTI Canada to measure employee satisfaction and to gain insight into areas of corporate culture that need more focus. The 2003 study found that the overall satisfaction rate exceeded 80%—a figure the company considers to be a critical component of their overall corporate strategy.

BTI Canada’s subsidized “familiarization” trips and recognition program were cited by Hewitt as some of the reasons the company is viewed as a leading employer. In addition, BTI Canada’s extensive educational support program, alternative flex-time and telework options and Buy-a-Vacation program, which enables employees to purchase additional vacation time, are just some of the ways the company ensures their employees are achieving a successful work-life balance.


“Our employees are our greatest asset. Everything we do here at BTI Canada starts and ends with people,” Richardson said. “We’ve always known BTI Canada was a special place to work. We’re extremely proud of the team we’ve put together and this honour is one we all share.”