Sabre Holdings Comments on Deregulation of the CRS industry

Sabre Holdings  today made the following comments regarding the U.S. Department of Transportation’s announcement that it will deregulate the computer reservations system (CRS) industry:
“We applaud the Bush Administration’s embrace of full deregulation of the CRS industry, a victory for consumers and the entire travel industry. This move will enhance competition and innovation in the travel industry.

“We also applaud the large number of consumer groups, travel agents, corporations, small business advocates, think tanks and other travel industry stakeholders, including some airlines, who joined with us in support of full deregulation and who helped bring about this result. As a result of our collective effort, twenty-year-old government regulations are about to sunset.

“The existing and proposed pre-Internet computer reservation system rules were obsolete and barriers to innovation and growth in today’s travel distribution industry. The proposed rules would have negatively affected some consumers preferred choice of bookings, in particular, weakening the travel agency network, upon which many consumers rely. Free of government restrictions, travel distribution industry participants will have more opportunities to form partnerships and alliances for special traveler offerings, and more opportunities to bring new products to the marketplace.”