Belize sees increase in arrivals

As indicated by more record-high figures for the month of November 2003, the country of Belize has been welcoming an increasing number of visitors to its shores via cruise ships and the international airport.
According to cruise arrival statistics for last month, a total of 70,377
persons visited, which accounts for an increase of 51.7 percent over last year’s November figure of 46,377. November 2003 exceeded the yearly totals in each of the years ranging 1998 through 2002 by more than 160,000.This is also the case for arrivals via the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA), as 2003’s total at the end of November (136,903), exceeded previous yearly totals. The arrivals figure for November 2003 was 10,838, surpassing the 9,847 recorded in November 2002. This reflects an increase of 10.1 percent and the eleventh consecutive month for a double digit increase for arrivals at the PGIA.“2003 was rather encouraging in terms of arrivals, especially with regard to the blossoming cruise ship sector of the industry. And yet while both private establishments and other governmental bodies have worked so ardently this year for these increases, we look forward to making even greater efforts in 2004,” commented Director of Product Development Anthony Mahler.Some of these efforts will manifest themselves in the form of many renowned trade/consumer shows attracting thousands of visitors from the world over, as well hosting of various press groups inclusive of international media representatives, among other initiatives. To start off the year, the Belize Tourism Board, in partnership with various private sector partners, will be attending the Adventures in Travel Expo in New York from January 9 through January 11. Belize will be among some 500 other exhibiting destinations from around the globe.