SuperClubs pick up top HR award

Last December saw SuperClubs Breezes Costa do Sau’pe awarded with the TOP Human Resources 2003. This important prize was in recognition of the work developed with the community from Bahia and recognises and value the companies that have successfully achieved both quality and competitiveness increase through the development and integration of people to their business strategy, through educational projects and programs of support to the local communities.

For the Breezes Resort operating during the last three years in Costa do Sau’pe, it would have been easier to import labour, during and after the opening of the resort, from other centers such as the City of Salvador or, even better, from other Brazilian States. It would have been much more comfortable and easy not to get involved with the social issues, in a region where only 50% of the homes has access to sewage system, only 40% of the population has access to treated water system and only 40% know how to read and write.However the Breezes Sauipe’s team would have not experienced such a special moment, rewarded by having implemented in Brazil the SuperClubs Group’s 25-year tradition of active contribution to the social and economic development, which has been a model in Jamaica.Breezes Costa do Sau’pe is today celebrating an accomplishment: 60% of its personnel staff is composed of people from the region of Costa dos Coqueiros (State of Bahia, Brazil). Much more than merely applauding the qualification and utilisation of the local labour, we are today proudly celebrating the dream coming true of fishermen, craftsmen, farmers and their entire families!