Vodafone Extends Partner Community With Second MTC Agreement

Vodafone today announces its second Partner Network Agreement with Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC).  This latest Partner Network Agreement extends Vodafone’s existing relationship with MTC in Kuwait into the Bahraini market, following the launch of MTC-Vodafone Bahrain on 28th December, and brings the total number of
Vodafone Partner Networks to 11.
  In April 2003, MTC was chosen by Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory
Authority to develop the country’s 2nd GSM service.  As with MTC in Kuwait,
the Bahraini subsidiary will operate under the brand MTC-Vodafone.
  MTC-Vodafone Bahrain will start to introduce Vodafone’s international
services in 2004, providing Vodafone and its partners’ customers seamless
access to Vodafone’s international mobile services while travelling in
Bahrain. In turn, MTC-Vodafone Bahrain’s customers will be able to enjoy the
benefits of Vodafone’s roaming services across its global footprint.
  Peter Bamford, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone said: “The launch of the
MTC-Vodafone network in Bahrain builds on Vodafone’s existing relationship
with MTC and expands Vodafone’s brand and services in the Middle East.  The
adoption of a dual-brand by MTC originally in Kuwait and now in Bahrain,
illustrates the scale and scope of Vodafone’s international brand profile.”
  Dr Saad Al Barrak, Director General of the MTC Group of Companies
responded saying: “The launch of the MTC-Vodafone service in Bahrain is a
significant step forward not only for Bahrain but also for the Middle East.
Deregulation of the wider telecoms sector will drive natural competition all
to the benefit of mobile users as new, creative services and keener pricing
come into play.”
  Following today’s announcement, Vodafone’s portfolio of global services,
supported by its global brand, will be available in 11 Partner Network
countries: Austria, Bahrain, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland,
Kuwait, Lithuania, Singapore and Slovenia.