Luxury Eco-Friendly El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos, New Mexico

Dharma Resorts is pleased to announce the opening of El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Rejuvenation Center, a luxury eco-resort, located in the heart of New Mexico’s stunning Taos Valley.  Based on owner and founder Tom Worrell’s dynamic vision for a place that offers the most current in ecological preservation merged with the finest in a sublime getaway experience, El Monte Sagrado caters to the ecologically minded guest and also to the traveler seeking an all-inclusive mind, body and spiritual retreat.  El Monte Sagrado, which means the Sacred Mountain, offers everything from exclusive accommodations and top-notch cuisine to an otherworldly spa escape at the Rejuvenation Center at El Monte Sagrado.
The magic of El Monte Sagrado begins in the space itself.  In honor of the ancient traditions and culture of New Mexico, the resort was built to preserve and sustain the land on which it resides.  From the building materials chosen to create the foundation, to the water flowing throughout the water gardens, conservation is a top priority at El Monte Sagrado.  Biolariums, architectural spaces that combine nature with living, are located throughout the property.  They have been designed to showcase Worrell’s own unique water purification system and also are home to the growing plants, fruits and herbs used in the landscape design and many of the menu items featured in the restaurant. 
Overlooking a sacred circle in the middle of the property are thirty-six elegantly appointed suites.  Built with an adobe-like material made of recycled concrete called Gunnash, also developed by Worrell and a team of scientists, no two rooms are alike.  Although they resemble traditional adobe homes, each oversized room boasts high ceilings and rounded walls.  Many of the suites feature a living room, gas pueblo-styled fireplace, private patio, or a garden courtyard with a hot tub.  Artists and craftsmen have uniquely decorated each room.
Guests may choose from 18 unique Native-American style suites or travel to their favorite destination or dream-escape in a globally themed suite.  These include, among others, the Tibet, Bali, Japan, Morocco, Egypt, Mayan and Kama Sutra suites.  All of these custom rooms have hand painted and textured walls, authentic furniture and traditional native artifacts from their respective region.
A stay at El Monte Sagrado means taking in more than just the surroundings and the aura of the space.  It also means indulging in the exquisite and thought-provoking cuisine of De La Tierra, our formal dining room.  We also have The Gardens of De La Tierra which is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Anaconda Bar is open daily serving a host of savory delicacies and hearty lunches.  Mr. Worrell’s philosophy is educating people through demonstration and in doing so makes a point of cooking with the freshest ingredients, supporting local farmers and growers as much as possible.  Using many of the exotic fruits and herbs grown in the biolarium on the property is key.  The focus is on innovative breakfast fare and more complex dinners and will feature the exotic fruits and vegetables on hand, as well as serving a variety of dishes featuring bison, and yak from Mr. Worrell’s nearby ranch. 

For spa-goers The Rejuvenation Center at El Monte Sagrado offers a mind-body-spirit connection unlike other spa resort experiences.  Catering to only a small number of guests at a time, each visitor is ensured personal attention before arriving on the property.  Prior to a stay, guests will be contacted and a treatment plan or schedule will be specially designed and set up to meet their individual needs.  Guests have the opportunity to meet with the Rejuvenation Center Director upon arrival and can take treatments in the comfort of the 2,500 square foot retreat or in the privacy of their room.  The Rejuvenation Center itself has been designed to bring the outdoors in as much as possible.  Natural light penetrates through elevated glass ceilings that can open to the elements.  Three rooms are available for all types of massages and facials and outdoor treatments are available as well.  The tranquil sounds of a waterfall cascade throughout this sanctuary of plants and guests will feel as if they have been transported to a tropical paradise.  Guests may work with a personal trainer for a one-on-one consultation, yoga or pilates session and enjoy private or group hikes, jogs or skiing lessons. 
In addition to a stay in one of the suites located at El Monte Sagrado, guests seeking a more intimate experience may choose to stay in one of the El Monte Casitas.  These eleven historic adobe-style homes located in and around the Taos Plaza provide private kitchens, fireplaces and patios.  These properties may accommodate two to six people, making them ideal for couples and families or those seeking a more private escape, with all the benefits the resort has to offer.  Well behaved pets are welcome in the El Monte Casitas and at the resort.
Ensuring guests take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings and local traditions of New Mexico, El Monte Sagrado offers a host of activities and packages for guests to experience the true spirit of Taos, New Mexico.  Guests may partake in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony where Native American tribal healers invite visitors to experience a sacred ritual that has been a tradition for generations.  An arrangement for guests to sit with a local Shaman can also be made through the resort as well as a session with a professional medium.  Additional activities that can be arranged include hot-air ballooning, historic tours and museum and gallery visits, cooking classes at the Taos School of Cooking and more.
Taos is known as one of the most spiritual, magical places in the world, and El Monte Sagrado reflects that same energy through a combination of creativity, tradition, and historic cultural preservation.  For travelers who enjoy comfort, new experiences, different cultures and communing with nature without sacrificing 21st century conveniences, El Monte Sagrado offers an unforgettable and provocative experience.  In addition to El Monte Sagrado and El Monte Casitas, latter-day renaissance man and philanthropist Thomas E. Worrell, Jr. also owns the Sundy House Resort in Delray Beach, Florida.  For more information or to make a reservation at El Monte Sagrado or El Monte Casitas, please call 800-828-TAOS (800-828-8267) or visit the web site at