ARESCOM & Boingo Ink Wi-Fi Network Roaming Agreement

ARESCOM INC. and Boingo Wireless, Inc., have reached an agreement to
integrate the Wi-Fi High Speed Internet access in guestrooms and public
spaces at nearly 200 hotels in the ARESCOM Hospitality Network (AHN) into
the rapidly growing Boingo(TM) Roaming System.
Headquartered in Santa Monica, Boingo is the largest Wi-Fi network
aggregator and is building a network to meet the needs of business
travelers. Fremont-based ARESCOM is one of hospitality’s largest and
fastest-growing providers of wireless High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) in
guestrooms (25,000+ installed and another 20,000 rooms in the pipeline).
Also included in ARESCOM’s solutions line-up is Cinemagic(TM) Video on
Demand (VoD), another revenue-share service that gives guests access to
hundreds of DVD-quality classic and new film releases—with pause,
rewind and fast-forward capabilities—via guestroom TVs and laptops.

“Wi-Fi access in guestrooms and public spaces is quickly evolving from an
appreciated upscale amenity for business travelers to a must-have standard
feature for hotels of all sizes and types today,” said Colby Goff, Boingo
vice president of network strategy. “Our partnership with the ARESCOM
Hospitality Network enables both of our companies to stay ahead of
hospitality’s demand curve while significantly expanding our Wi-Fi

The agreement extends access to AHN networks to Boingo’s Platform Services
partners, those Internet, voice and data service providers who wholesale
the Boingo Roaming System for their Wi-Fi services. The Boingo Platform
Services program offers private-label Wi-Fi software and roaming services
to major carriers and ISPs. Boingo’s current partners include EarthLink,
Fiberlink, Infonet Services Corp., MCI and T-Mobile for client software.

Dave Egan, ARESCOM Vice President of Marketing, said the partnership is a
rare win-win—benefiting the two partners, hundreds of hotels and their
guests, subscribers to the Boingo Roaming System and strategic telecom

“ARESCOM and Boingo each focus on broadband services for business
travelers, including secure wireless High Speed Internet Access,” Egan
said. “Once integration of the ARESCOM Hospitality Network into the Boingo
Wi-Fi roaming service is complete, our hotel partners will have captured
yet another business- and brand-building service to offer their guests,
and Boingo customers will have more choices than ever before regarding
where they can access Wi-Fi service.


“This agreement with Boingo represents one of several completed and
planned roaming partnerships that will provide corporations, business and
leisure travelers with our secure, plug-and-play wireless High Speed
Internet access,” Egan said.