Pegasus Solutions Launches New Shopping Engine

Pegasus Solutions
announced the launch of its new “shopping engine”—technology that enhances its RezView central reservations service (CRS).                 

The RAVE Shopping Engine (RAVE = Rate and Availability Engine) has been developed to alleviate the stress experienced by hotel CRSs.  Mark Hoare, product director for reservation services for Pegasus, said: “Today, savvy travel agents and travelers want to shop for hotel options—browsing through appropriate hotels that are also available during the traveler’s desired dates.  This activity causes the traveler’s Web site, or the agent’s GDS, to ‘hit’ the hotel CRSs again and again, which stretches and pushes the CRS’s capacity.  Now, the RAVE Shopping Engine enables our RezView CRS to cope with today’s shopping-oriented habits.”

With Pegasus’ new technology, shopping inquiries hit the RAVE engine instead of hitting the CRS each time.  The RezView CRS now incorporates an automatic feed of rate and availability information to the RAVE engine.  This enhancement gives Pegasus’ RezView customers access to the benefits of the emerging Next Generation Seamless offerings of the global distribution systems (GDSs) and of Pegasus’ Internet distribution customers, such as travel Web sites.


Hoare continued: “We believe the practice of shopping will increase exponentially during the next two years.  RAVE will give our RezView customers a leading position in the emerging Next Generation Seamless environment.  We plan to make RAVE available for other CRS providers sometime in 2004.”



The first operational use of the engine is in Galileo International’s Inside Shopper technology, which benefits travel agents who use the Galileo global distribution system (GDS) to book reservations.


Pegasus’ RezView service is the industry’s leading CRS—used by thousands of hotels and recently recognized with a World Travel Award as the “World’s Leading Hotel Reservation Service.”