New Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai Brews Up A Concoction Of Yin Yang Spa Experiences Inspired By The Chine

The famous “Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” or Huang Di Nei Jing is the oldest known book on medicine. Dating back more than 2,000 years, this monumental classic is attributed to the Yellow Emperor or Huang Di - China’s earliest ancestor and legendary founder of Chinese culture. Written in the form of a dialogue between the emperor and his physician, it holds a wealth of information on the Chinese art of healing - including the ancient theory of the Five Elements.

The Five Elements or Wu Xing refer to the energies of Earth, Gold, Water, Wood and Fire. Symbolising the life forces present in all existence on earth, they are the manifestations of yin and yang - the complementary opposites of nature, which flow in perfect harmony under healthy conditions.

For the first time, this age-old Chinese philosophy of holistic healing will be embraced by the new Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai opening soon on the third level of Westin Hotel Shanghai.

Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai will feature a concoction of treatments based on more than 73 traditional Chinese herbs and natural ingredients like ginseng, pearls, sandalwood, white lotus, black sesame and winter melon. One of the new spa experiences that guests can look forward to is the three-hour “Yin Yang” Package. Based on the Five Elements theory, there is a choice of “Earth”, “Gold”, “Water”, “Wood” or “Fire”.


Synonymous with late summer, Earth symbolises a state of equilibrium - a season that evokes contentment, wholeness, and a sense of well-being. The “Earth” experience includes:

* A Balinese Massage to balance the body system by enhancing energy flow and toning muscle tissue

* A Lulur Scrub to cleanse and condition the body

* An Earth Facial with ginseng and pearls to moisturise the skin.


Synonymous with autumn, Gold signifies a time of ridding the physical and emotional baggages of life - a season of purification, retrospection and meditation. The “Gold” experience includes:

* A Swedish Massage to eliminate toxins and reduce tension.

* A Black Sesame Scrub to reduce water retention and boost circulation

* A Volcanic Purifie body wrap to detoxify and reduce water retention.


Synonymous with winter, Water signifies a time for conserving energy - a season of rest, relaxation and stillness. The “Water” experience includes:

* An Apple Polisher to cleanse the skin

* An Essence of Earth Massage to calm the body and restore energy balance

* A Rice Pearls Conditioner to enrich and nourish the body

* A Safflower Bath to relieve body ache and promote blood circulation.



Synonymous with spring, Wood symbolises the beginning of life - a season of growth and renewal, youth and vigour, and freedom of expression. The “Wood” experience includes:

* A Sport Massage to improve muscle strength and flexibility

* An Oriental Crowning Glory head and neck massage to enhance energy flow and relieve tension

* An Aromatic Exfoliator to calm the skin and boost cell renewal.


Synonymous with summer, Fire symbolises an abundance of energy - a season of love, compassion, joy, generosity and openness. The “Fire” experience includes:

* A Lomi Lomi Massage to relieve muscle ache and fatigue

* A Foot Reflexology to improve energy flow and enhance well-being

* A Golden Gram Scrub to counter excessive bodily heat and soothe skin

To enhance the oriental spa experience, treatments will be carried out by professional Chinese and Thai therapists who have been trained by the Banyan Tree Spa Academy.

A range of Five Element Massage and Bath Oils have also been specially created by the Academy to complement the Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai menu. This exclusive range will be available at the Banyan Tree Gallery Shanghai.

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