“BATU JAMU” Treatment Makes Its Debut At The Crossings Wellness Center & Spa

The Crossing Wellness Center & Spa has just adopted JAMU Asian Spa Rituals as it’s exclusive traditional Asian massage therapies to its new spa menu.  The Crossings Wellness Center & Spa provides a spa experience steeped in rich multicultural traditions, such as Ayoma Ayurvedic Remedies, European Kneipp Kur, and now JAMU Asian Spa Rituals.  The new facility will be the first to introduce JAMU Asian Spa Rituals and Stone Spirits collaborated spa treatment called, “BATU JAMU”, a one-of-a-kind treatment fusing hot and cold stone therapies with authentic Asian spa rituals.

According to Sophia Sarmiento, Wellness Center and Spa Manager of The Crossing’s, “We wanted to add Asian massage rituals to our spa menu and JAMU Asian Spa Rituals has such an indigenous feel it’s as if you are right there in Indonesia. Not as many people are traveling overseas, but spa goers will be having an experience that brings tradition of other cultures to their doorsteps.  The presentation, music, fabric, and fragrances of JAMU are earthy and natural and the most authentic spa treatments available.  The integrity of JAMU founder, Kim Collier, the quality of the product and the keeping of the tradition of the indigenous treatment is what we respect the most in this healing modality.”

This revolutionary new fusion of stone work uses hot and cold stones in combination with varying forms of bodywork complemented by JAMU tropical scrubs and aromatherapy oils developed by Kim Collier, owner of JAMU Asian Spa Rituals.  Collier is an expert on spa rituals of Asia having studied and worked in the Far East for more than a decade.  The heat from the hot stones diffuse the aromatherapy oils, lulling the client into a blissful state of relaxation, making this one of the most pleasurable experiences East or West.

Other spa treatments from JAMU available at The Crossings include:


- JAMU Massage, a rhythmic, relaxing and energizing experience

- Bali Spice‰, a stimulating and warming spa treatment

- Volcanic Earth Clay, a grounding and purifying clay treatment

- Thai Coconut Scrub, an Asian inspired scrub and massage

- Ritual of Thailand, a yoga massage including coconut scrub for body and soul.

Spa goes are given the gift of a JAMU Elixir for a one-time home spa treatment.  The complete range of JAMU bath and body products are sold at retail.

For more information on The Crossings Wellness Center and Spa, you can visit www.thecrossingsaustin.com.

For more information on rituals, products and treatment, or to purchase JAMU Asian Spa Rituals products or find a spa or retail location, you can go to www.jamuspa.com