NTL Business Announces Latest Broadband Travel Network Win

NTL Business
(Travel Division) has announced another win for The Broadband Travel Network, with the signing of Uniglobe Island Travel to Broadband Professional.

Uniglobe Island Travel will initially install Broadband Professional in its Oxford head office, with the intention of rolling out NTL Business (Travel Division)‘s Broadband Private Network across the agency’s two additional branches in Bristol and Guernsey.

The announcement means Uniglobe Island Travel, one of Guernsey’s leading travel agencies, will experience connectivity at a contention ratio of 4:1, ensuring data transfer up to five times faster than through standard ADSL broadband[1].



The Broadband Private Network provides travel companies with their own exclusive connection between offices and is based on one of the highest levels of guaranteed bandwidth available in the UK travel industry. NTL Business (Travel Division) provides a fully managed service, ensuring that companies will also benefit from increased security.


Mandy Eulenkamp, Uniglobe Island Travel Director, commented: “Taking Broadband means our agents will be able to search for information faster and more efficiently, leading to a significant increase in productivity and ultimately a better service for our customers.


“We are also looking to improve company-wide communications by taking NTL Business (Travel Division)‘s Broadband Private Network, enabling all our branches to be linked ― cutting both costs and the time spent transferring data.” 

Jill Cox
, NTL Business (Travel Division) Marketing Director added: “Uniglobe Island Travel signing to Broadband Professional underlines the strong demand for broadband in our industry. We look forward to playing a part in the future growth of the agency.”