Bahamas campaign to be different

In a bid to increase visitors and break away from the cliché of other Caribbean islands, the Bahamas have opted to undertake a ‘marketing makeover’ at the cost of US$15 million.The makeover, or re-branding will incorporate a revised logo, a newly developed website inclusive of an online booking facility, and a new advertising strategy. One of the key points being highlighted in this revision is the ability to ‘island-hop’ between islands, allowing smaller less frequented islands the chance to be discovered.The online booking engine will be supplied by Expedia.The campaign will lean heavily to the notion of what the Bahamas can offer in terms of culture and history, and nudge away from the traditional sun, sea and sand appeal of the majority of Caribbean islands.Minister of Tourism Obe Wilchcombe predicts that online sales will climb to around $43 million by the end of the year; it is for this reason that he feels the Bahamas need a stronger online presence.