Cliff sends PM to Barbados

Barbados is the playing field of celebrities - Cliff Richard has a home there, and, in a media frenzy he recently allowed PM Tony Blair to stay there with his family, on a three-week family holiday. In a recent interview with Sky News he revealed the reason why he did so, apparently because the prime minister looked so “gaunt and tired”.
63-year-old Pop singer Sir Richard said on Sky News, “I saw him during the war and I thought this man has made this decision and he’s living it in front of us,‘“He seemed to change - he became gaunt, tired, ancient-looking suddenly.”Sir Cliff called Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie Blair, stating the PM looked “horrible” and “terribly difficult” whilst giving evidence at the Hutton enquiry. On the BBC website Cliff said, “All I know is that a human friend of mine looked as though he needed a rest’.“I said, please, if you can find the time to go, I won’t be there, but feel free to use the place.“The PM was reported as having a fantastic time, although members of the general public questioned why he was on a three week break in the Caribbean after having backed a war against Iraq?