Galileo Announces Multiple Inside Shopper Agreements

Galileo International

today announced that it has signed multiple agreements to
implement Inside Shopper, Galileo’s Next Generation Seamless (NGS)
capability, with a number of leading global hotel chains.  These new chains
include Kimpton Hotels, UniRez, ReservHotels and NH Hoteles increasing
Inside Shopper participation to an industry-leading 98 brands (54
implemented, 44 under contract) and 19,285 properties worldwide. 

Inside Shopper provides a direct, real-time connection between a hotel’s
Central Reservation System (CRS) and Galileo’s 47,000 agencies worldwide.
By interfacing directly through the hotel’s CRS, Galileo-connected travel
agents, online travel providers and corporate clients can access the same
up-to-the-minute information and ‘last-room-available’ inventory offered
through a hotel’s internal reservation number, improving the level of
service that travel agencies are able to offer their customers.  Inside
Shopper also helps travel agencies improve productivity, as booking with
Inside Shopper requires less time in the “shopping” mode, leaving more time
to dedicate to other revenue-generating activities and services.

Inside Shopper benefits hotels and reservation service providers by
improving the effectiveness of their GDS distribution to generate more
sales.  For example, a leading hotel chain that implemented Inside Shopper
saw an immediate increase in sales volume of 32% during the first month.  By
providing Galileo’s highest level of connectivity, Inside Shopper gives
hotels maximum control over where, when and how they make inventory

“Inside Shopper gives us a strategic advantage in managing our reservation
and sales system. Agents enjoy more accurate, real-time access to room and
rate information for our hotels through Galileo,” said Jimmy Suh, Vice
President, Revenue Management & Distribution. “With the implementation, we
expect to see a noticeable spike in bookings and, most importantly, a
valuable return on our investment through increased revenue.”


“Inside Shopper offers the booking travel agent an enhanced capability that
is reliable and in real-time, making the transaction both efficient and
accurate.  Agents no longer have to be concerned that a reservation must be
confirmed with a representative of the hotel and can be assured their client
will arrive to find the right room and rate awaiting them,” said Marci
Verdin, vice president of marketing, Galileo Americas region. 

“Inside Shopper provides greater distribution and sales opportunities for
hotels, which is demonstrated by current subscribers, who have enjoyed a
significant increase in bookings in the last year despite the general market
downturn,” said Michael W. McCormick, senior vice president of hospitality
and leisure distribution for Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services